Amazigh Demands?

The Amazigh Movement is a transnational secular social movement seeking to affirm ethnocultural identity and establish equal representation under ArabIslamic governments. The Amazigh movement is a hydra, spread out among various cultural organizations throughout North Africa and the Amazigh Diaspora that often differ drastically on approach and desires, however they […]

Amazigh Demands

Amazigh Flag

Amazigh Flag!

  The Amazigh Flag, the symbol of Amazigh identity, and is the common sight at Amazigh rallies, demonstrations, and celebrations. Naturally, the colors represent different things: blue for water, green for mountains & forests, and yellow for joy, gold, and the Sahara: the Tuareg realm. In the center is the Tifinagh letter […]

Info On Amazigh!

The Berbers, or Amazigh (“Free People”, Imazighen pl.) as they call themselves, are the indigenous, non-Arab tribal peoples of North Africa. Their domain, a land idealized as Tamazgha, stretches from the Siwa Oasis of Egypt in the east, to the Canary Islands off the coast of Morocco in the west. The Amazigh population […]