Amazigh Flag!


Amazigh Flag

Amazigh Flag Adopted in 1998 as the official flag of the Amazigh people

The Amazigh Flag, the symbol of Amazigh identity, and is the common sight at Amazigh rallies, demonstrations, and celebrations. Naturally, the colors represent different things: blue for water, green for mountains & forests, and yellow for joy, gold, and the Sahara: the Tuareg realm. In the center is the Tifinagh letter “yaz”, a symbol of the “free man.” It is in red, representing eternal life and also the Amazigh blood spilled as a result of resistance and oppression,

It was Neither imposed nor inherited from colonialism, in fact it was purely adopted spontaneously by the Amazigh people all over the world, To challenge many colonial boundaries created to separate the Amazigh people in their land of North Africa (Tamazgha).

The Amazigh flag has been always the symbol of our noble cause as well as a prominent icon of our unity and Fraternity, and source of pride and inspiration for millions of Imazighen worldwide