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Amazigh Cultural Network in America, ACNA, Inc, is a Nonprofit organization whose activities and goals are dedicated to preserve, promote the Amazigh language and culture, as well as Educate the general public on issues faced by, Amazigh people (Imazighen) in North Africa (Tamazgha).

As we have stated, ACNA will mainly concentrate on cultural activities. However, if necessary, we will state our position on any Amazigh issues that arise. As we all know, the Amazigh issue in the North Africa is a political problem. Amazigh around the world are affected by any political decision made against our people in the dictatorial regimes of North Africa. We will actively participate in making public any injustices done against our people. There are many Amazigh organizations in the US. One of ACNA’s responsibilities will be to make contact with other Amazigh organizations, to promote good relationships and develop policies to improve the situation of Imazighen in the US. Last, but not lease, we would like to work with other non-profit and cultural organizations to strengthen the relations with our American friends in many areas such as art, science, sport, and education.


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