Amazigh Names

Following a request recieved by our Facebook page over the publication of Amazigh names (Male and female), we conducted a small research with the help of vulonteers to meet a number of Amazigh names and we sincerely hope this proposal will meet your expectations.


Amazigh Girl from Morocco.Basil  Traditional Name

Damyan Another assumption Dihya name. Also witnessed in the Souss.

Dassin  A famous poet of the Tuareg.

Dihya  Kahina assumed name of the “Queen of the Aurès” who fought against the Arab invasion

Guraya  Name of a saint in Kabylia, the singers sang many Kabylia

Hennu  Traditional Name

Herru   Idaw traditional name for the Tanana (Morocco)

Ijja  Traditional Name

Ijju  Traditional Name

Illi  My daughter

Ittu  Traditional Name

Izza  Traditional Name

Kella  Name Hinan Tin Girl, Queen of Tuareg

Kweller  Traditional Name

Lalla  Term of respect

Lunja  Heroine of a fairy

Mamma  “Expensive toy.” Traditional name in southeastern Morocco

Mammas  Traditional Name

Markunda  Name found in Chaouis (Singer Markunda Aurès)

Meghighda   Traditional Name (Poet Meghighda n Atiq Ayt)

Menna  Traditional Name

Siman  Two souls (the father and mother).

Sinim  Two souls (the father and mother).

Tadêfi  The smoothness

Taderfit  Emancipation

Tadla  Branch

Tafalkayt  The beautiful

Tafsut  Spring

Tafukt  The sun

Tagafayt  Extracted from a place name

Taghbalut  The source

Tagwerramt  The pious, holy

Tagwilalt  Agwilal female form.

Tagwillult  Extracted from a place name

Tagwizult The brave

Thiyya  It’s nice

Tajeddigt  The flower

Takama  Faithful following Hinan Tin, Queen Tuareg

Takensust  Excerpted from ethnonym

Taksimt  Excerpted from ethnonym

Tala  The source

Tamalut  The shadow

Tamanart  The constellation of Orion, the guide

Tamaynut  The new

Tamayyurt  The full moon

Tamazight  The Barbary

Tamazzalt  The sacrificial

Tamenzut   The first

Tameqrant  The largest, largest

Tamesmûtt Extracted from a place name

Tamezyant  The lower, small

Tamimt  The delight

Tamment  Honey, which has the softness of honey

Tamseggint  Extracted from a place name

Tanamart  The happy

Tanazârt  The challenging

Tanebdatt  Support

Tanefzawit  Youcef ben wife Tachafin

Tanirt  The angel

Tanemghurt  The large

Rate  The liver (seat of emotions)

Tasafut  The torch

Tasekkurt Partridge

Tatbirt  Dove

Taweckint  Branch

Tawenza  All

Tawzalt  Extracted from a place name

Taylalt The bird

Tayri  Love

Tazêllayt  The pendant

Tazenkwêt  Gazelle

Tazerwalt  The former Blue Eyes

Tazikit  Extracted from a place name

Tazrurt  The beautiful

Tazrzît  The fibula

Tecwwa It’s nice

Tedus  The strong

Tidar  The living

Tidir  The living

Tifawt  Light

Tilelli  Freedom

Tinghan  Ours

Tinhinan  Tuareg Queen would be native to the Tafilalet (Morocco)

Tinifsan  The open

Tinitran Of the stars

Tinsin  The two (parents)

Tintadêfi  The smoothness of

Tintafukt  The sun

Tintfsut  The spring

Tintifawin  The light

Tintlelli  The freedom

Tintziri  The Moonlight

Tinwurgh  The Golden Girl

Titrit The star

Tiwul  The heart

Tizemt  The lioness

Tiziri Moonlight

Tlafulki  The nice (you beauty)

Tlatig  Has value

TLAT  Possesses

Tlayt  Have them (the brothers)

Tlaytmas  He has his brothers

Tsul  Is alive

Tuda  It is enough

Tudatt  The mouflon (female)

Tuderte  Life

Tufayyur  More beautiful than the moon

Tufitran  More beautiful than the stars

Tufitri Prettier than the star

Tuftafukt  The sun

Tuftent  More beautiful than them. The most beautiful

Tuftifawt  More beautiful than light

Tugertent Older than themselves. The largest.

Tumert  Happiness

Tunaruz The hope. The bearer of hope

Tzeddig  The pure

Tzila  The sublime

Ultafa  The summit

Ultasila The Plain


Amazigh Boy from libyaAderfi  The released

Afalkay  The beautiful

Afaw  The bright

Afer The African

Afra  Peace

Afulay  Apuleius, Berber writer (died 180). Author of a book in Latin entitled “Golden Donkey”

Agafay Locality. Morocco’s southern region known for its beautiful women.

Agerzam  The cheetah

Aghbalu  The source

Aghilas  The leopard, panther

Agizul  The brave

Agwectim  Extracted from a place name

Agwilal It is used in poetic language (southwest of Morocco) to describe the beauty

Agwillul  Excerpted from ethnonym

Ajeddig  The flower

Akensus  Excerpted from ethnonym

Aksim  Excerpted from ethnonym

Amalu The shadow

Amanar Constellation Orion

Amaynu  The new

Amayyas  The new

Amazigh  The free man (the Berber)

Amazzal  The sacrifice, the emissary

Amenzu  The first

Ameqran The old man, the greatest

Amesggin Excerpted from ethnonym

Amess Sage (scientific)

Améstida  The protector, defender

Amezwar  The leader’s guide, First

Amêzyan  The cadet, the small

Amnay  Rider

Amzîn  The cadet, the small

Anamar  The happy

Anaruz  Hope

Anaz  The challenge and one that defies

Anebdad  Support

Angad  Extracted from a place name (region of Oujda)

Anir  The angel

Antal  Chief Amazigh (the present-day Tunisia) who led an uprising against the Byzantine emperor Justinien 1st. +547 Died in combat.

Areksim  The caracal (Lynx Africa)

Asafa  The remedy

Asafu  The torch

Asfru  The poem

Aslal Honey (quality)

Asmun The companion

Assala  Pillar of the house for Kabylie.

Asulil  The rock

Atbir  Dove

Atrar  The modern

Awsim  Gazelle fawn

Awzal  Excerpted from ethnonym

Aylal  The bird

Ayrad  The lion (see “yirat”)

Ayyur  The moon

Azayku  The ancestral

Azêllay  The pendant

Azenkwed  Gazelle (male)

Azenzer  The light beam

Azerwal  The man’s blue eyes

Aziki  Excerpted from ethnonym

Aznag Race Iznaga (véase.Ibn Khaldoun)

Azrur  The beautiful

Azulay  The man with beautiful eyes

Badis Name borne by several kings Amazigh, in particular, Badis “the Hammadite”

Bukkus  King of Mauretania (~ 110 before J. – C.), father of Yugerten (Jugurtha)

Magpie  Amazigh King, who died about -208. Massinissa father. Son and brother Ulzasen Zelalsan.

Gwafa  Summit’s son

Gwasila  The son of the plain

Idder Live

Idir  The live

Ides Is strong

Igider The Eagle

Ikken Traditional Name

Ilatig  Has value

Ilayetmas Have siblings

Irate The lion (see “Ayrad”)

Isula  Live

Itri The star

Izdârasen  The powerful

Izem  The Lion

Izemrasen  The powerful

Izîl  The sublime

Izri Traditional Name

Masinissa  O Massinissa. Massensen Latinized version. Berber King (202 – 148)

Massensen  Masinissa.

Massin  Diminutive of Massinissa

Maysar  This water carrier become the head of the coalition of tribes Ghomara, and Miknasa Berghwata; was a revelation against Arab authority (to 740)

Meddur The live

Menna Traditional name (meaning unknown)

Merin Founder of the dynasty Mérinides

Munatas Gathered around him

Saden Tribu d ‘Ayt Saden

Sifaks  Syphax, king of Numidia Western Massinissa defeated at -203, -202 died in Rome.

Tacfin  Almoravide Berber king’s father, Ben Youcef Tachafin

Takfarinas  Ancient Roman Army soldier, takes the head of a large uprising (17 – 24)

Tanana  Excerpted from ethnonym

Tariq Berber general invaded Spain in 711.

Udad  The mouflon

Ugwistan  St. Augustine, bishop of Hippo (396), largest Christian writers.

Usaden  Extracted from a place name

Usem  Lightning

Usus  Extracted from a place name

Wimmiden  The worldwide

Winaruz  The bearer of hope

Winifsan  The open

Winitran Of the stars

Winsen  His

Wiwul The heart

Wiwurgh Made in gold

Yani  At Tribe Kabila Yani

Yattuy  The large

Yuba Name of several kings Berber

Yufayyur Nicer than the moon

Yufitran Nicer than the stars

Yufitri Nicer than a star

Yuften better than, the best

Yugerten Older, with the largest. It would be the origin of the name Jugurtha, king of the Berbers (118 – 105) who opposed the Romans. Died in prison in Rome -104.

Ziri The Moonlight (masc.)



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