Our Mission

ACNA’s goal is to get the Amazigh Community together by strengthening solidarity relations between its members. Our MissionACNA builds and strengthens programs, and develops new and innovative projects to serve our members in the community.We seek to continue to be in charge of providing specialized services to our community in takingĀ  initiatives to Create strong bonds among the Amazigh living in US, Promote the Amazigh culture, Strengthen ties between Amazigh, Amazigh Americans, Americans and other nationalities

Establishing the ACNA was the first step. In order to achieve our goals, we all need to be united. With your participation only, we can have strong bonds and can remove any roadblocks away. We need and want every single member of our community to be a part of this effort. Building an organization among Amazigh Community in US has many challenges. However, we think that once we get the whole community together, we can overcome those challenges one by one.

We can build schools for our children where they can learn their mother language. We can offer classes to our youngsters where they can learn our dance. We can have celebrations to introduce the Amazigh Heritage. We can have festivals to gather Amazigh and non-Amazigh from a variety of backgrounds and across North America together. We can help reveal many aspects of Amazigh life such as Amazigh film, literature, music, history, language, dance, politics, society, current events, etc. We can have debates, panels, roundtables, workshops and trainings to discuss important issues and educate our youth.

Our goal is to encourage the involvement of Amazigh or non-Amazigh people while promoting the Amazigh heritage and culture. We hope to educate Amazigh in US to better function, organize, inspire, and mobilize their own communities.



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